How to Buy the Best Horse Stalls for Your Barn

Whether you are building your own customized barn and horse stalls or buying a prefabricated barn with stalls, there are several factors to think about to make this process run more smoothly. Before you buy horse stalls, you must think about budget, your horse's size and personality, and the types of materials and add-ons that you want included in your stall package. There are numerous decisions to make along the way, so the more clear the vision that you have in your head before buying, the better. Aluminum stall doors are some of the most popular materials, because they do not rust, are sturdy, durable, and affordable. These can include all aluminum or aluminum and lumber combinations.

To begin with, it's a good idea to decide whether you want to buy horse stalls or board your horse. The benefits to boarding your horse at home include the fact that you can spend as much time with your horse as possible, without having to accommodate to the hours of a separate boarding facility. Once you have determined that you prefer to buy your own horse stalls for your horses, you can then look at the prefabricated horse barn option, as compared to the customized barn and stall option. Prefab stalls and barns are easy to assemble, and are ideal for those with only one or two horses in particular, although they can also be adaptable to more complex configurations if necessary.

Space and size is something that is extremely important when it comes to horses. If you don't give your horse enough room, he can be a very unhappy horse indeed. Horses that weigh over 1000 pounds will need to have a stall that is at least 12' X 12' in size. For ponies, you will need to buy horse stalls that are at least 8' X 10', by contrast. Most horses fit somewhere in the middle, but it's generally a good idea to buy the most space for your horse that you can afford. You should also think about the type of stall fronts or barn doors to put into place.

There are swing and sliding doors on the market. You can buy horse stalls with fronts that the horses can see over the top of, like a gossip top for instance, or you can look for those that are full sized and retain the equine completely. Laying the right foundation in place is also important, with concrete floors being one of the most popular options for horse stall owners. You can choose from an array of bedding to place on top of this, as well as rubber mats.

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